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The rest never learn a civilised language, never
get near a library, never have the faintest chance
of self-realisation, never hear the call. They
are under-nourished, they die young, they are
misused. And of the millions who would
make good, useful, eager secondary research
workers and explorers, not one in a million is
utilised. *
But now consider how things will be if we had
a stirring education ventilating the whole world,
and if we had a systematic and continually more
competent search for exceptional mental quality
and a continually more extensive net of oppor-
tunity for it. Suppose a quickening public mind
implies an atmosphere of increasing respect" for
intellectual achievement and a livelier criticism
of imposture. What we call scientific progress
to-day would seem \ poor, hesitating, un-
certain advance in comparison with what
would be happening under these happier condi-
The progress of research and discovery has
produced such brilliant and startling results in
the past century and a half that few of us are
aware of the small number of outstanding men
who have been concerned in it, and how the
minor figures behind these leaders trail off into
a following of timid and ill-provided specialists